Our Declaration

It’s Not About You;
It’s Not About Me;
It’s About God!
And the good news is;
The bad news is wrong!


Bishop Jacqueline A. Foye, Pastor and Founder

Pastoral Assistants
Elder Bernard Green
Evangelist Tracey L. Green
Evangelist Valerie G. Foye

Ministerial Alliance
Evangelist Naomi Torrence
Evangelist Gloria Mayes
Evangelist Patricia Wiley
Minister Michael Kelly
Minister Eric Simmons
Missionary Aquana L. Sherrod
Missionary Carrie Perkins

Deacons, Deaconess and Trustee’s
Deacon Percy Torrence Jr.
Deacon Stanton Fears
Deacon John Jones Sr.
Deacon John C. Manney Sr.
Deaconess Shelia Richardson
Deaconess Deborah Lott

Mother Pearl Richardson 
Mother Dollie Watts

Sister Nicole Simmons
Sister Stephanie Fears
(The Late) Deaconess Callista Jackson


Evangelist Valerie G. Foye, Minister of Music; Organist
Elder Jonathan Boyd, Minister of Music; Assistant, Organist
Brother Christian Joshua Green; Drummer
Evangelist Patricia E. Wiley; Drummer

Praise & Worship

Evangelist Tracey L. Green; Next Level Praise & Worship Leader

Evangelist Gloria J. Mayes; Next Level Praise & Worship

Elder Bernard Green; Next Level Praise & Worship

Evangelist Patricia Wiley; Next Level Praise & Worship

Church Administrator/Executive Secretary To Bishop
Missionary Aquana L. Sherrod

Service Times

Sunday Morning Christian Education

>> 10:00 AM

Sunday Afternoon Worship

>> 12:00 Noon

Tuesday Evening Bible Study

>> 12:00 Noon

Friday Evening Ministerial (Jubilee Service)

>> 07:30 PM

Friday Evening Ministerial (Jubilee Service)

>> 07:30 PM

Call us with your prayer requests: The fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much.

Fax: (716) 893-0126
Telephone: (716) 895-9633


Address: 1455-1465 Fillmore Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14211/Mailing
Address: P.O. Box 695, Buffalo, New York 14231-0695
Telephone:  (716) 895-9633
Fax:  (716) 893-0126
Email:  ahop1979@yahoo.com

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